Phosphène, audiovisual performance, residency at Château Éphémère, FR.

Audiovisual performance, 30 & 45min versions, 2022
Video projection on audience with closed eyes, multichannel audio setup, hyper-directional loudspeaker.

Phosphene is a film for closed eyes and spatial sound. It uses a projection on the audience’s eyelids, a multichannel sound setup and a motorized hyper-directive loudspeaker.
The project aims to explore varieties of inner spaces. Inspired by dreams, neurosciences and hypnosis, it tries to reach those spaces between the surface of the senses and our interpretation of reality.

Phosphène est un film pour paupières closes et son spatial. Son dispositif consiste en une vidéo-projection sur les yeux fermés du public, d'un système sonore multicanal et de haut-parleurs hyperdirectifs motorisés.
Le projet vise à explorer une variété d'espaces intérieurs. Inspiré par les champs du rêves, des neurosciences et de l'hypnose, c'est une tentative d'accès à ces espaces entre la surface des sens et notre interprétation du réel.

Phosphène, audiovisual performance, residency at Château Éphémère, FR.

Some audience feedback:
J: "I didn't know there was so much space between my eyes and my eyelids."
V: “At some point I didn’t know if it was my mind, seeing something or if it was actually a projection. And it was… very comforting and very unsettling at the same time”
J: "I was trying to imagine the space"
C: "I could feel the warm of the brightness"
J: "I was trying not to see"
V: “When it’s dark you feel like “something might happen”, you don’t know what to expect”
J: "I wanted to open my eyes to see what was approaching me"
C: "I wanted to open my eyes like when we want a dream to end"
V: “It was so oversaturated at some point that we were not really free of any thoughts and some other times that was the opposite.”
R: “I really liked the differences in the eyes because, then your mind starts trying to piece that together.”
A: “When I had different things in my two eyes I really felt “Is there something moving really close to my face?”"

Phosphene, Live at Amare, Den Haag, NL, 2022.
This video was made for documentation purposes only.

July: Den Haag, NL
May 13-15th: ArtScience Chronic Now, Den Haag, NL
April 8th : ArtScience Shortcut, Spring Festival, Amare, Den Haag, NL event
Feb 18th: Live at Château Ephémère, FR. Event
Feb. : research residency at Château Ephémère, FR