Video documentation, Performance at GRAME, 2023

You & I & I
Live multimedia performance
Video feedback, music composition, movement sensors, lights, text.

By Gökçe Uygun & Armand Lesecq

You & I & I is a project developed by Gökçe Uygun (TR) and Armand Lesecq (FR). This interdisciplinary work lies between the fields of performance art, expanded cinema, music composition and poetry. Its forms consist of a performer on stage, behind a semi-transparent screen on which is projected text and visuals created with a video feedback.

How ambiguities shape our subjective relation to otherness?
How my inner I is made of outer’s you?

The project explores the topic of perception and subjectivity: we question how the “you” I have in “me” is defined by my “I”, going through my “eyes”. In other words, how “the other” only exists as an image, constantly being shaped by inner subjective processes. It questions the impossibility of accessing an alterity, of communicating, of being sure we connect or understand each other. The text is based on discussions between two people not being sure to talk about the same topic, entangled inside multi-layers of language.

Work in progress, prototype created in the context of LIPS LAB 2023, Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Scenic Prototypes, GRAME CNCM, Lyon, France, 2023.