A Few Seconds
Sound Installation, CLB gallery, Berlin, 2023
Chair, stereo microphone setup, digital delay, headphones.

Participants sat on a chair and listened through headphones to the sounds around them, delayed by a few seconds.

How fragile is the coherence of our reality?
What is reality made of?
How small is the amount of inteference we can accept?
In the space opened between ears and eyes, what can we find?
How can we observe our inner processes of reality making?
How is it to simultaneously be at two different times?
Is listening to something a way to try to understand it?

The piece was developed in the context of an artistic residency at CLB, Moritzplatz 16–20.01.2023.
Further information regarding the activities of the collective "a meeting place for" is available from the website.

Participating artists: Max Baraitser Smith (UK), Sam Baraitser Smith (UK), Marta Beauchamp (IT/UK), Mort Drew (UK), Jakob Köchert (DE), Armand Lesecq (FR), Liza Kuzyakova (RU), Robbi Meertens (NL), Hilde Wollenstein (NL)